• Image of Owé iPhone

About the Artwork
Owé explores the proverbs of the Yoruba culture. “Owé” is “Proverbs” in Yoruba, and in each row of this adiré patterned piece there is a proverb directly translated from the language Yoruba and in the same row there is the explanation of the translation. E.g Direct Translation: “The Muslim From Ibadan is like the Sango from Ilorin.” The meaning: Different people practices their religion differently.” Also within the pattern Modé plays with different prints of the Calla Lily flower and the Remington Double Derringer Gun.

About the Case
Cases protect your phone from scratches and have a durable polycarbonate hard shell that protects from hard drops.

Please Note
The Case is very difficult to take off once put on. Please consider before purchase.