• Image of Lola, Lola iPhone

About the Artwork
The “Guns, Roses & Adiré” Collection started off with the painting you see here titled “Lola, Lola”. Modé wanted to explore the meanings of her tribe’s (Yoruba) Tie & Die patterns and techniques. On the background we see one of the most popular adiré patterns called ‘Talking Drums’ in the natural indigo colour used in a lot of adiré prints.

The focus of the painting is the young lady, Lola. She stares at the viewer with her lips slightly apart which airs a sultriness and invitation to stare at her beauty. Although her hair is wild and unnatural Lola is confident and shows pride. Lola wears coral beads which are the main precious stones of the Yoruba culture. The flowers painted are red roses and calla lily. Calla lilies are one of Nigeria's local flowers. Modé added guns to the painting for the guns to act as a harsh figurative contrast to the delicacy of the flowers.

About the Case
Cases protect your phone from scratches and have a durable polycarbonate hard shell that protects from hard drops.

Please Note
The Case is very difficult to take off once put on. Please consider before purchase.