• Image of Colo Guns iPhone

About the Artwork
This artwork Colo Guns shows some of the guns which existed in Nigeria’s colonial/pre-colonial era. The colonial timeline is questionable but the British empire came to Nigeria in the 1800’s and left the year 1960. The guns depicted are as follows, Dolne Apache Pistol, Lefaucheux Pin-Fire Revolver, Bergmann No.3, Colt Model 1849 Pocket Pistol, Le Mat Pistol, Cooper Under-Hammer Pistol, Remington Double Derringer, Bar-Hammer “Pepper Box” Pistol, French Duelling/Target Pistol and Belgian Dueling/Target Pistol. The background is the called “Wo ro” translates as “something slanted”.

About theCase
iPhone HardCases protect your phone from scratches and have a durable polycarbonate hard shell that protects from hard drops.

Please Note
The Case is difficult to take off once put on. Please consider before purchase.